BIMICO’s Foundation

    The company formerly known as Song Be Mineral Exploiting and Exporting Company (SOBEMINEXCO), was established on 13th January 1993 under the decision of People’s Committee of Song Be Province.

    Subordinate Units:

    • Tan Dong Hiep Stone Division
    • Binh An Stone Division
    • Kaolin Division I
    • Kaolin Division II
    • Tan Thanh Kaolin Division
    • Tan Lap – Tan An Brick Clay Exploiting Team.
  • Rename and Development

    As decided by Binh Duong Province, BIMICO officially changed its name to Binh Duong Mineral and Construction Company.

    Subordinate units were renamed and expanded:

    • Tan Dong Hiep Stone Division I
    • Tan Dong Hiep Stone Division II
    • Binh An Stone Division
    • Kaolin processing Factory
    • Dat Cuoc Ceramic Industrial Cluster
    • Tan Thanh Kaolin Factory
    • Brick Clay Exploiting Team
    • Transport Team
    • Binh Phu Brick Factory
    • BIMICO Mineral Water Plant
    • Construction Team
  • Company Equitization

    BIMICO was equitized with authorized capital of 70 billion vnđ. In particular, the state held 51% of the shares, the rest belonged to company employees, shareholders and investors. The company has been renamed as Binh Duong Mineral and Construction Joint-Stock Company until now. Subordinate units were renamed and expanded.

  • First Authorized Capital Increase

    BIMICO increased its authorized capital to 107 billion vnđ. In particular, the state held 50.05% of the shares, the rest was held by shareholders such as the company employees, strategic investors and outside shareholders.

  • Second Authorized Capital Increase

    The company increased its chartered capital to 180 billion vnđ on 9th March 2012 according to the amended business registration and tax registration certificate No.3700148825 dated 20th January 2010.


  • Third Authorized Capital Increase

    The Company raised its authorized capital to 234 billion vnđ.

  • The state completely divested, BIMICO becomes non-state enterprises. Shares are held by companies, funds, internal staffs and shareholders. BIMICO has proved itself to be a leader in mining and construction in the market.

  • Subsidiaries:

    • Tan Dong Hiep Stone Exploitation and Processing Division
    • Phuoc Vinh Stone Exploitation and Processing Division
    • Tan My Stone Exploitation and Processing Division
    • Tan Thanh Kaolin Exploitation and Processing Division
    • Minh Long Kaolin Exploitation and Processing Division
    • Concrete Drains Production Plant
    • Binh Phu Tuynel Brick Factory
    • BIMICO Mineral Water Plant
    • Dat Cuoc – KSB Industrial Development Company
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