The long-term development process helps us to understand that human is the primary factor for the company’s success and development. At KSB, your improvement will go hand in hand with the company’s growth.



BIMICO is leading in mining and processing materials in Vietnam. We always have an ambition to develop and reach international level. During process of development and expansion, there will be new jobs created, so you will have many chances to participate to work in different roles and challenges. As a result, this will enhance your potential and creativity.



We believe that human resource is the most valuable asset of BIMICO, so we consider that salary is also the most effective investment. Therefore, working at BIMICO, you will receive a salary competency and competitive with the market.

Recognizing your contributions is also a particular concern to us. Employee performance evaluation and attractive annual bonuses show our respect for your success and reflect the equity of your employees. In addition, we always ensure that health insurance program as well as the travel and accommodation assistance are also a prominent benefit for BIMICO staffs.



Our value and success mostly depend on your creation and passion in your job. Thus we always attempt to create professional, friendly and open working environment to encourage each individual to promote their creativity and discover their potential ability in order to make differences.

In BIMICO, we respect, listen and share to help each employee aware themselves as an essential part of a solid and united team. Your efforts and achievements are recognized and rewarded appropriately. This is a great motivation for your inspiration and readiness to take new challenges in your work.

You have devoted your time, enthusiasm and creativity to BIMICO, so we always want to give you the spiritual comfort at work. Sports, performing art activities, dance and picnics, etc. are organized regularly to bring you enjoyable moments. Therefore, employees will have many chance to know and understand each other and encourage team ‘s working spirit.



We respect any individual career objectives development.Employee’s development contributes to our future resources. As a result, to build

“win-win” culture in the company, we always try our best to train and help each employee improve themselves and grow up with the company. Being a BIMICO employee, you will have chances to be trained to improve skills, knowledges to meet the requirements and challenges in their work. Professional training courses as well as practical training sessions are regularly held in Vietnam and abroad.  

Additionally, we offer counseling and specific career path for each individual, so this would bring you the most suitable training program to help you increase your efficiency at work. Once your efficiency improved, you will be assigned more challenging tasks with fully support from managers and colleagues. Therefore, we believe that your career objectives will definitely be achieved.