Business Lines

With more than 20 years of continuous operation and development, BIMICO is proud of being experienced in exploiting and producing basic and important materials for the construction industry in Binh Dương Province. Our products have been creating solid foundations for many key projects in Southeast region, especially in HCMC. In order to satisfy the increasing demands of the market, we always focus on our core business, continuously innovate and creative to become a reliable supplier of the construction industry.

Building Materials Production

BIMICO is a leading manufacturer of construction materials, producing construction materials for commercial, residential and infrastructure projects. To keep up with developing trends of the construction industry, we have actively developed innovated products to meet demands of many different projects from skyscrapers to infrastructures. Also, we invest in researching on eco-friendly products, aiming to popular development of green buildings as well as the growth of the society.

Materials Mining and Processing

Minerals are a non-renewable resource and significantly contribute to the national industrialization and modernization. Being aware of that, BIMICO has invested in exploited and processed kaolin effectively with modern and eco-friendly technologies and equipment. Our kaolin products are consumed in many industrial applications such as fertilize production, ceramics and high quality ceramic tiles


Besides exploiting, processing materials, and producing building materials, BIMICO develops and provides distribution services for construction materials, as well as transport service to get closer to customers. Whenever construction units and contractors have demands on building material products, we will try our best to support and bring convenience to our customers.

Industrial Real Estate

Being one of leading companies in mining, processing and building materials production, BIMICO has many advantages to invest in real estate and real estate services. We invest in industrial real estate and high-end villas to meet the social demands. Additionally, we provide other real estate services such as restaurant, hotel, bar, as well as our real estate leasing and buying services.