Industrial Real Estate

Industrial Real Estate

KSB Industrial Park  (DCIP) was started construction and business with a total area of 348 hectares including Zone A and Zone B. Located in the Southern key economic region including HCMC, Binh Duong, Vung Tau and Dong Nai Province, DCIP has a favorable geographical location and advantages such as:

    • From Ho Chi Minh City: 50 km
  • From Tan Son Nhat International Airport: 50 km
  • From Saigon Port: 41 km
  • From Cat Lai Port: 50 km
  • From Saigon Railway Station: 50 km
  • From Song Than International Container Terminal: 24 km
  • From Thanh Phuoc International Container Terminal: 15 km
  • From the center of Dong Nai Province: 30 km
  • From the center of Thu Dau Mot City: 30 km

1- Traffic:

Roads all are standard with asphalt concrete and surface treatments with 15-25 meters wide and satisfied the bearing capacity of Standard H30.

Flat land is 39-40 feets above the sea level.

Firmness of soil is from 1.7~2.2kg/cm2 which is really good for the construction of factories with the lowest cost compared to other regions.

2- Electrical system:

The 110KV power grid is connected with the national power grid along internal roads of the industrial park to ensure that the electricity is stably supplied to the local businesses.

3 – Clean water supply

Clean water supply system in the industry zone with a capacity of 20 000 m3/day. The water pipe system Ø300 ~ 450mm is installed along the enterprise’s fences to ensure for a continuous 24h a day supply.

4 – Wastewater Treatment Plants ( from type B to type A)

  • Zone A : capacity of 2.800 m3/day
  • Zone B : capacity of 3.000 m3/day

5 – Telecommunication:

Telephone lines are installed to boundaries of the industrial area that can fully satisfy the demands within the area.

Modern optical fibre system is willing to connect to high bandwidth internet access such as Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) and lean lines.

6 – Fire Fighting and Prevention

There is a fire station inside the industrial park which is equipped with professional fire-engines combining with fire hydrants system along its internal roads and well-trained in fire-prevention, firefighting and security forces to 24/24 maintain the security of the industrial park.

7 – Commercial Service Area:

Providing support services such as housing for workers, banking, carriage and delivery service , canteen for workers, etc.